Between The Sheets   March 15th 2017



It was a fantastic 2 days of curling. Twelve teams came out for the bonspiel and made for a perfect draw. Each level of curlers in 3 divisions. Great shot making by all levels. A round robin was played and each team did a draw to the button to break ties.


The Ready To Rock Division of our beginners curlers was won by the Shayla and Kalissa Jordan, Jackson Hoyem and Emma Clarke. Second place when to Conner James, Mia and Dken Currie and Justyne Mehlsen. Each team finished with two wins and a loss but Emma Clarke draw to the button saw the Jordyn team take first place.



The Rock The Icers Division was won by Molly and Meagan Kneeland, Sydney McCormick, and Katelyn Thompson with three wins. Calissa Craig, Sullivan Swift, Audrey Nicholson and Gracie Drew took second place with one win and a tie.


The Rolling Stones Division was taken by Ryan Bell, Taylor Moss, Shaela Lee and Anna Kneeland with two wins and their draw to the button giving them first place. Second place went to Camryn and Kaiden Bjornson, Zoey Arkinstall and Hailey Lund.



Sportsmanship team award went to Matthew Nixon, Trinity and Hannah Trowridge and Daniel Hvamb. Female Sportmanship award went to Sullivan Swift and male award went to Ryan Bell.


The costume awards went to Josie Lund, Hanley Robertson, Danica Fox and Tanin Peirson and also to Calissa Craig’s crew. Most of the teams donned red and white and all looked great. Best dressed male was Matthew Nixon and female was Anna Kneeland.



Thanks to those curlers that joined us for the weekend but were not a part of our program. Hope to see you all join us next year.



These curlers are all an enjoyable bunch. polite, kind, friendly, helpful kids. I will miss you over the summer and look forward to next season.



Next up at the club is the Ladies Bonspiel and then the Oilmen’s.



What an amazing show of curling on TSN with the Brier winding up! Brad Gushue and his Newfoundland Team deserved that win and will be great ambassadors for Canada.  Lead Geoff Walkers started his curling career in hometown Beaverlodge.  The World Men’s is being held in Edmonton April 1 through 9th. To catch the World Ladies you’ll have to be up very late or record the games.



The Club Windup & Awards Night will be held April 6th at 6:30pm.  Join us for appetizers and drinks. All members and guests are welcome.


Hello everyone
The Ed Ruether Memorial Bonspiel was held last weekend.
Once again a great turnout in Ed’s memory and the game he loved.
We are pleased to announce that approximately $10,000 was raised towards
the cost of our new curling stones.
We stand at approximately $42500 of our $50000 goal.
Thank you to Jim Bakus for being the MC and Rick Hammerschmidt for being the Auctioneer at the banquet.
A big bouquet to our vice president Kerry Appleton for stepping in to organize
our volunteers for the last two month while our president tended to family matters
Unfortunately Tom Calkins took a fall in a Sunday final and broke his ankle.
But we are pleased to inform all that his head is ok except for a cut.
Speedy recovery Tom, we hope to see you at the windup on April 2nd.
League playoffs start this week and continue to the end of March.
Finally and I know I am speaking for all the curlers and friends for a speedy recovery to Lawrence Biegel and best wishes to Cheryl & Lawrence

Ed Ruether Memorial Bonspiel



The Fairview Curling Club will be hosting the Memorial Spiel in late Feb with a maximum of 24 teams. It is an Open Format – Men’s Ladies or Mixed. Entry Fee is $240. With banquet tickets included.

Ed was a member, volunteer and past President of our club. His carpentry skills can be seen throughout the club as reminders of his pride in the Fairview Curling Club.

Our club has been using curling rocks that came from the old club before the current one was built in 1972. It has come time to plan for the future to replace those curling rocks. The cost to replace rocks and handles and freight is approximately $50,000. We received two generous grants to help us in our plan. The Country of Clear Hills has donated $2500. and the M.D. of Fairview has donated $15,000. Most recently we have received notice from the Town of Fairview that they will donate $15,000 towards the purchase of our rocks. Proceeds from this bonspiel will help us with adding to our goal.

We continue to bring new members into our club. Our schools have free access to ice us during the day. This season we are seeing FHS and STM bringing in all classes grade 7 through grade 12. Junior Programs run three days a week for the entire season with 62 young curlers registered.

We will not be soliciting local business. However, should you wish to support our cause we will gratefully accept your donations. Your support is so appreciated. Whether it be cash donations, door prizes, silent auction items or other ideas you may have. In order to be acknowledged in our handout, we require that our committee is notified regarding donations by Feb. 18th. Donations will be accepted after this date and will do our best to acknowledge late arrivals.

Supper will be held at the Legion Hall on Saturday Feb 25th. Doors open at 5:00 PM. We encourage everyone to join in on the auctions, silent auction and raffle items. Banquet tickets will be available from Fairview Curling Club Lounge and Cheryl Biegel for $25.



Cheryl’s Column

Between The Sheets Feb 8 2017


The Crop Production Services Farmers and Merchants Bonspiel is over for another year. Thank you to you and for coming on board to make our annual spiel great. Als, thanks to all our other amazing sponsors for making this bonspiel one of the best of the season!


Congratulations to the Syngenta team of Murray and Linda Watchorn and Amie and Lance Schultz for taking first in the A by defeating Kramer Custom Ag team of Harrison MacDowall, Shannon Burns, Sue Madden and Jeannie Kramer.   Syngenta defeated the Prairie Coast team of Rob and Carol Banach and Cliff and Laurie Wagner. Kramer Custom Ag defeated Venning team of Dylan, Morgan Watchorn, Dale Venning and Jay Fox. This game came down to fantastic shots by both teams.


On the ‘B’ side Fairview Printing of Karla and Gord Macleod, Joel White, Guillaume Allard. Leanne Stucklschwaiger subbed in for Karla for Sunday games. They defeated the Sturling team of Doreen Chalmers team of Tom Calkins, Noel Armstrong and John Milne in the final. Fairview Printed defeated

SJ Kramer Farms family team of Billy, Darcy, Bonnie and Jessie in the finals. Doreen defeated the team of Glenn Somerville, Glen Whitney, Jessica Simpkins and Tom Spicer on the way to the B final.


R & R Insurance and their team of Eileen, Kevin and Kamryn Lund and Alison Renneberg defeated Agro Source from Dawson Creek skipped by yours truly and team of Ryan Bell, Emmalee Gelech and Jaxon Swift.  R & R team defeated Doug Luck, Wayne and Joe Ruether and John Nedohin in an extra end in the semis.  Agro Source defeated Ken and Rachel Szmata, Ralph Moskalyk and Vic Chelich.


We had several juniors and sturler’s joining in for the weekend. And we are so proud they helped to fill our bonspiel and had a great weekend of curling! Who says that because you can’t get in the hack it means your bonspieling days are over.  So happy to see Doreen Chalmers, Tom Calkins, Noel Armstrong, John Milne, Willie and Joanne Walisser, Norm McLachlan and Vic Chelich enjoying the weekend. Sorry if I missed anyone. There is nothing like a bonspiel weekend at the club, seeing the social aspect for all curlers, whether beginners, all ages enjoy the game from the 12 to almost 90, all levels of curlers, those who curl weekly, those who come out for the weekend bonspiel and those of us who love to win or lose!  To be part of the bonspiel it satisfying for all.


Why more don’t come out and give it a try is beyond me. It is truly a Canadian game that is important to our community. A great winter sport for all ages, every physical ability!


Our next event is the Ed Ruether Memorial to be held Feb 24-26th.  We are supporting new rocks for the curling club this year.  Those who aren’t able to curl or make the whole weekend can purchase supper tickets to support our cause of new curling rocks.


The Junior Bonspiel will be held March 10 and 11th.   We will have Gary Leatham on the bag pipes to pipe in our Junior teams for the spiel on Friday evening.


The Ladies will follow on St. Patricks day weekend of Mar 17th -19th with ‘Anything Goes’ as the Theme.


Stay tuned to curling on TV this weekend, as the final Tankard Teams win their way to the Brier! The Scotties Tournament of Hearts completed all finals this weekend.

Cheryl’s Article


Between The Sheets Feb 1 2017

The Corporate Challenge was held Jan22nd.  CNRL’s team of Corinne Jorgensen, Jerry Zaderey, Craig Reigling and Dwayne Adams took first place. Close behind was Alberta Government Services, team of Colin Bentley, Rachel and Ken Szmata and Simon Tatlow.  The Alberta Health Services Acute Care team of Jody Schrafnagle, Judy Obrigewitch  and Jennifer Frank came in third place. Thank you to everyone for coming out on a Sunday for some fun!


This past week the Jiffy Lube Scotties was held in St. Alberta.  Trisha James and her team of Michelle Gnam, Raeleigh Milner and Chelsey Whitney represented our club.  They had close games which came down to last rocks and finished at 0-3. 


Morgan Watchorn played with Delia DeJong and her Grande Prairie team. They had tight games as well but ended with an 0-3 record.


This coming weekend is the CPS Farmers and Merchants Bonspiel.  Everyone is welcome to join in on this bonspiel.  It’s a great weekend of curling, door prizes, banquet, breakfast, draw to the button prizes and more!  There will be a comedian Saturday evening.  Join us by calling the club by Thursday evening. We are accepting first 24 teams.


During the day our ice is keeping filled up with school classes from all schools.  It is wonderful to give them all the opportunity to be on the ice. 


We have recently received two grants towards purchasing new rocks for the club. Our many thanks to Clear Hills Country for $2500. and M.D. of Fairview for $15,000. towards our goal of $45,000.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but we will get there.


Our Ed Ruether Memorial Bonspiel will be held February 24-26th.  Ed was all about keeping our club up to date.  We hope that our members will come out and support this bonspiel as we work towards our goal.  We will forward more information and details next week. 


Our Junior Bonspiel will be held Mar 10th& 11th.  We look forward to filling the 16 team event with local teams, so this is something to think about and discuss with your junior curler!